Stainless Steel Pedicure Kit Professional Exfoliation Calluses 17 Pcs Foot File Set For Women And Men At Home Or Travel Or Salon to Foot Care

Price: $11.53
(as of May 11,2021 20:39:47 UTC – Details)

The pedicure professional is only to scrape off the skin without scraping the meat.
Basic instructions of professional pedicure set:
1. Sole file: Begin by pushing the dead skin and calluses loose with a foot file.
2. Dead skin scraper: Use a dead skin spatula to scrape the calluses off.
3. Bent file: Push the raised calluses up with a bent file.
4. Double-sided thick and thin sandpaper  file: Use a sandpaper file to remove any blemishes after the pedicure.
5. Dead skin fork: Clean the dead toenail after the pedicure.
6. Double-sided nail polish file: The cutin of the toenail is ground, more smooth.
17 PCs pedicure tools professional kit include:
1 X Double-sided nail polish file
1 X Stainless steel sole file 
1 X Corn knife
1 X Stainless steel dead skin scraper 
1 X Stainless steel bent file
1 X Double-sided thick and thin sandpaper  file
1 X Nail clippers
1 X Silicon wafer
1 X box of small blades (5 a box)
1 X dead skin fork
1 X Stainless steel hawk-nosed pliers
1 X Little brush
1 X Long nail file
1 X Half moon pedicure knife
1 X Flat mouth pedicure knife
1 X Bevel trimming knife
1 X Transparent box
Product specification?7.5×3×1.6 in
Product weight?7.3ounces
Applicable scope:
The foot kit is suitable for Dead soles of feet, old calluses, hard skin, hard cutin.
Warm prompt:
1. Some items in this pedicure kits are sharp products. Please be careful during the use of the callous removers for feet, and the elderly and children should be used under the supervision of an adult.
2. Remember to clean and dry in time after using the foot pedicure file.

Remove Troubles & Embarrassment: Sometimes hard skin and prickles cause holes in stockings, that persons are afraid to wear sandals or high heels because of rough feet and calluses. The pedicure set can reverse this embarrassing situation. The foot file callus remover allows you deal with all kinds of troubles and embarrassment easily.
Less Spending: You can get a pedicure at home without going to a pedicure shop. One learned to use the home pedicure kit, can also help husband or wife, children, parents pedicure, and enhance the relationship between family members. With less spending to buy a foot care kit, you will gain more happiness.
High Quality Stainless Steel : The colossal foot rasp foot file and callus remover are resistant to wear, is not susceptible to deformation, rust, and the product’s effectiveness keeps better with pedicure kit for women and men.
User-friendly Design: The design of the foot pedicure tools is ergonomic and not require a lot of effort. Other objects can be designed to be detailed at every point. For example, the stainless steel bend position and the handle with a camber design are convenient to clean the dead angle, the surface of the crucible is not flat, and has a curved design, that can be used to clean a corner where is not convenient to clean.