Professional Pedicure Tools Set Home Pedicure Kit Foot Rasp Foot File Callus Remover Cuticle Pusher For Foot Care

Price: $19.15
(as of May 11,2021 20:35:22 UTC – Details)

Package: 1 Nail Clipper, 1 Coarse File, 1 Cuticle Pusher, 1 Callus Shaver and 10 Blades
Before The Foot Care
Soak Your Feet in warm water for 15 minutes before the foot care, or just do the foot care after a bath or a shower.
Peel the Dead Skin off
Please make sure the blade is fixed right before using it. Then, gently press callus shaver on the skin surface, gently scrape away the hard dead skin and aging keratin.
Remove The Callus
Dual-head cuticle pusher is in V-shape, it can remove the callus around your toenails easily.
Do The Rubbing
After shaving, use the triangle coarse file to rub the skin coarsely, then use the sandpaper side to slightly rub again. From coarse to fine rubbing, it can keep your feet soft and smooth.
Moisturize The Foot Skin
Finally, apply oil or cream to your feet to keep moist and soft. Now, a foot care is perfect done!

FIVE IN ONE SET: This pedicure tool set includes 5 professional tools: a Nail Clipper, a Coarse File, a Cuticle Pusher, a Callus Shaver and extra ten Blades. Each tool meets different needs of foot care.
LONG-TERM USE: Except the high quality, extra ten blades come with the foot care set just for your long-term use sack.
COMPACT AND LIGHT: This pedicure tool set is designed compact and light. No matter at home or on travel, you can bring it with you. You can do the foot-caring anywhere anytime.
PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: It’s not only suitable for family but also ideal for the beauty salon. Good for removing callus, corn, hard skin, foot peel, cuticle etc. Gently remove corn on foot, peel the dead or rough skin, smooth your feet and polish the nails.