PrimeMed Hypoallergenic Corn Pads – 9 Sheets of 9 Self-Adhesive Corn Cushions (81 Pads)

Price: $24.63
(as of Apr 14,2021 05:17:00 UTC – Details)

PrimeMed corn relief cushions are designed to help eliminate chafing and rubbing on areas afflicted with corns by providing comfort, cushioning, and support. Designed to be supportive and comforting, PrimeMed corn pads are made with a premium extra-thick felt and are shaped to cover the entire affected area while protecting the corn from shearing forces for all-day relief. Sticks right to the surface of your shoe or foot! Our pads are backed with a high quality, waterproof medical-grade acrylic adhesive designed to leave no residue behind, with a non-slip design that is easily removable and reusable. Designed with a skin safe, hypoallergenic base to better serve all customers. PrimeMed corn cushions are gentle on delicate skin and fit men and women. Cushions measure 4.125″ x 2.75″ x 0.125″. Our deluxe soft corn cushions are shaped to easily fit comfortably inside socks or shoes without falling off, sliding, bunching up or getting lost, even while exercising! Available in packs of 18 and 81 corn cushions (9 cushions/sheet).

THICK FELT – Designed to be Supportive and Comforting, PrimeMed Corn Pads are Made with a Premium Extra-Thick Felt, and are Shaped to Cover the Entire Affected Area while Protecting the Corn from Shearing Forces for All-Day Relief
DELUXE WATERPROOF ADHESIVE – Sticks Right to the Surface of Your Shoe or Foot! Our Pads are Backed with a High Quality, Waterproof Medical-Grade Acrylic Adhesive Designed to Leave No Residue Behind, with a Non-Slip Design that is Easily Removable and Reusable
HYPOALLERGENIC – Designed with a Skin Safe, Hypoallergenic Base to Better Serve All Customers. PrimeMed Corn Cushions are Gentle on Delicate Skin and Fit Men and Women. Cushions Measure 4.125″ x 2.75″ x 0.125″
FOOT COMFORT – Our Deluxe Soft Corn Cushions are Shaped to Easily Fit Comfortably Inside Socks or Shoes without Falling Off, Sliding, Bunching Up or Getting Lost, Even While Exercising! Available in Packs of 18 and 81 Corn Cushions (9 Cushions/Sheet). This Offer is for 81 Corn Pads.